Rwandan has a great potential in producing some of the great coffees in world. The country has been very fortunate with having a great climate that favours coffee growth, most of the great coffees are grown on mountainous places with Volcanic soils which are very rich in minerals all that favour the growth of high quality coffee . 

For a long-time Rwanda farmers, did not put a lot of care in processing their coffees, leading to production of mainly commercial coffees. But since around 2003 the Rwandan Government started projects of introducing washing stations to help the farmers in better processing and production of their coffees. Since then Rwanda’s production of very high quality coffee has increased and the world is seeing more and more of great specialty coffees from Rwanda.

This great policy from the Rwandan Government has seen a big improvement in farmers lives who now acknowledge that it’s better to produce and sell high quality coffee in small volume for higher price than trying to produce big volumes of commercial coffees for a low price. The new strategy also falls well in place with the size of Rwanda which is a very small country in terms of area.

1000 Hills Products strategy is to focus on one coffee washing station per year. Meaning we approach one of the best coffee washing station each year, create a strong relationships, work closely with them, promote and market their coffees and make very close follow always. Then introduce another coffee from a different coffee washing station. A new introduction doesn’t stop us from working closely and promoting our previous coffee washing stations.

We started by working hand in hand with Muhondo Coffee washing station:


Ivan at the muhondo coffee station in 2015

Muhondo  CWS is a Private  Coffee Washing Station  located in Muhondo Sector, Gakenke District in Northern Province. The Washing station started to be fully operative by Muhondo Coffee Company in 2013. The coffee washing station is on a small scale but has tremendously impacted the local communities through youth and women employments, contribution to farmer’s income and community involvement through social project initiated such as farmer’s loan and clean Water Supply. Muhondo is committed to produce the highest quality of coffee in Rwanda and empowering coffee growers by providing them with best practices.  The coffee washing station works closely with 1800 farmers and around 40% farmers are women combined with the production from its own plantation of 30,000 Coffee Producing trees which all are carefully picked by hand.  

The topography conditions that gives coffee its uniqueness to win.

Rwanda Cup of Excellence 2014 as Presidential winner with a score of 91% and for the  3rd Place in 2015 with 89.89.



Ivan with the farmers at Muhondo coffee washing station 2016


It operates under the following climatic conditions:

Latitude: 475507

Longitude: 9806750

Altitude: 1700 to 2200 meters, processing cherries from 1500 to 2000 meters

Coffee variety: 100% Arabica bourbon

Soil type: Heavy to very heavy clay

Soil pH mean: 5.3

Precipitation range: 1300 to 1400 mm.

Temperature range: 17 -18 degrees Celsius

Number of farmers: 1800

Processing capacity: 1000 tons cherries

Harvesting: Selective hand picking

Green coffee sorting: Hand selective sorting

Processing: Wet processing in coffee washing station

Drying system: full sun drying with 200 drying tables, 12% moist controlled with

a Shore Coffee Model moisture meter.

Storage: two warehouse with natural ventilation system and pallets.

Water source: Mountain natural spring

Environmental protection measures: Natural seepage