Trips to the coffee plantations and washing station in Rwanda:

1000 Hills Products plans to have the first trip to Rwanda for its first clients in 2017. These trips will mainly focus on enhancing transparency in the whole chain of the coffee Industry. Managers, Baristas and consumers will be able to meet in person with the farmers themselves, visit the beautiful coffee plantations and even work  at the coffee washing stations work for some time for the visitors who would want to .

Trips for the best farmers to visit some of our clients roasting plants  in Europe:

1000 Hills products also has plans to of organizing trips for the best farmers of the year to come to our clients roasting plants and see how their coffee is roasted and enjoyed by the consumers.

Also, the farmers will have a chance to see several cuppings and other events before returning back home with even more energy to do better at the plantations.

We believe these are some of the few ways to help farmers have more motivation and even more knowledge of producing better coffees. Not forgetting that most of these farmers have never tasted their own coffees. Therefore, seeing their own coffees grown being enjoyed by the consumers will give more motivation to them.