MUHABURA Woolly Red for Comandante C40



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Coffees sourced for our MUHABURA brand comes from shrubs growing above 1900m a.s.l. in Northern, Western and Southern Rwanda. Cultivated on volcanic soil, they derive their unique terroir from the Land of Thousand Hills. Cherries, nourished by crystal clear water, ripens harmoniously in the warm rays of the equatorial sun. Always hand picked, carefully sorted coffee fruits are then processed in one of the following methods: Natural, Honey, Washed or Experimental. Each of the processes allows for a peculiar cup profile to be extracted from the inside of the grains after roasting. Each of them is valued for a recognizable flavors, variable combinations of sweetness and fruit acidity, as well as the body and texture of the brew
MUHABURA are the quality specialty coffees with a 86+ scoring, obtained directly from cooperatives or local Coffee Washing Stations, while maintaining fair trade standards and full transparency of origin.


Variety: Arabica Red Bourbon

Natural processing

Score: 89+

Flavor profile: nougat, orange, tea rose, molasses, subtle notes of flowers and citrus fruit

subtle acidity / velvety body / pleasant sweet finish / perfectly balanced

Production period: 06/2020

How to prepare cascara? We suggest the following recipe for ours:

For every 100 ml of water at 95C, measure 7-8 g of the aromatic coffee skins. Let them steep for 5-6 minutes, and you’re done!

1000 HILLS PRODUCTS is a brand which brings you goods of the highest quality. As a direct importer of teas and green coffees from Rwanda, we offer our customers in Europe unique products sourced directly from local producers in accordance with fair trade standards and full transparency of origin. For our flagship brands MUHABURA Coffee, KIVU Tea and PERFECT DAY Coffee, we use the best ingredients available in a given season. KIVU teas, exclusively prepared for 1000 Hills Products, are grown in renowned organic tea gardens. Green specialty beans for MUHABURA coffees, coming from cooperatives awarded with the Cup of Excellence, are roasted in Poland by AUDUN Coffee highly credited with the international reputation. The PERFECT DAY line is the optimal choice in terms of value for money in your everyday brewing routine.

We encourage you to try all of the coffees and teas from 1000 Hills Products. See which one will become one of your favorites!


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